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Primary Care

True Health and Wellness

Our Physician Optimal Health Clinics have been uniquely structured unlike any other primary care clinic in the region. We devote an entire Care Team to individuals so that complete continuity of care is provided and proper treatments are administered quicker and more efficiently.

Ahead of the Rest

Primary Care Teams

As an alignment to increase your quality of care, we’ve adopted a Primary Care Team structure that takes you from being on the sidelines; to center field. Our Primary Care Teams expand a patients access to care by giving them the support of an entire team rather than one individual. Primary Care Teams are in constant dialog about your specific needs, mean additional health services will be delivered to you effectively and efficiently. The comprehensive nature of your health is now carefully handled by the expertise of an entire team that have access to both our Physicians Optimal Healthcare and Physicians Immediate Care Clinics to provide a full spectrum of services.

What Matters Most

Family Practice

Physicians Optimal Health Clinics encourage patients to utilize our family practice services in order to reap the many benefits of having a family doctor. Our family practice services are devoted to bring comprehensive care to each member of the family and often our treatments can yield better results as we’re able to know your family history, lifestyle and setting. We emphasize disease prevention and health promotion and we provide personal care in the context of family and community. Our services will be tailored to meet the unique needs of different families and the utilization of any service offered through Physicians Care Clinics will immediately be recorded and communicated to the family practitioner for seamless diagnoses and treatment planning.

A Bold Clinic With Bold Initiatives

Neurocognitive Treatment

The Neurocognitive services offered in our Optimal Health Clinics are unmatched and chartering new territory in Dementia prevention and reversal. After years of trails, case studies and patient treatments – we boldly claim that the epidemic of Alzheimer’s can be stopped. Randy Vawdrey, NP-C is an industry leader in new and data driven treatments that are helping those fighting Dementia win the battle. Tomorrows are becoming brighter as yesterdays are becoming clearer. Our industry setting Enhance Protocol needs to be considered if you have a love one slowly regressing and depreciating in cognitive health.

Every Journey Begins With One Step

Preventive Health

The clarity of instructions to live a healthy life has been obscured through messages broadcasted by those not interested in your wellness. Our clinic prevents the shortness of life, the struggles of bad health and over prescribed medication methods by rooting ourselves in the non-biased sciences and practices for healthy lifestyle living. We work with individuals to stop the onset of chronic diseases, depression, fatigue and push to enhance their quality of life through dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and promoting healthy and life-sustaining activities.

Nothing Slips Through The Cracks

Care Clinic Integration

Integrated Care Clinics are all the rage now, but we figured this out years ago. Our owners predicted the incredible benefit patients could be provided if both urgent and primary care needs could be treated under the same clinic. They envisioned a care clinic that treated the comprehensive nature of our health with an equal amount of comprehensive options. We’re happy to say, they made that vision a reality and now any diagnoses, treatments or visits are diligently recorded by our staff and logged into our care clinics’ system that is fully integrated with the other departments. A trip to our Mental Health clinic will often be discussed in our primary practice setting or vice versa. The scope of an individual’s health is now appropriately and discretely monitored by a team of professionals that are outfitted with years of experience and different fields of expertise.

Physicians Optimal Health

A Innovative Clinic Designed for the Patient



Physicians Optimal Health began in 2012 in Chubbuck Idaho. Since then, we’ve expanded the clinic to our Pocatello location making our Optimal Health clinic available to more Southeastern Idaho residents with greater convenience. Our clinics strive to be the first to recognize emerging trends and patterns of our patients and seek to find new avenues and solutions to their needs.



You’ll see the difference our Primary Care Team structure brings when you choose us as your primary care provider. Wait times are less, quality and continuity of care goes up, and treatments have already been through multiple stages of scrutiny as your health concerns are placed upon many professional shoulders.



Patient who see us for urgent care needs, tend to stick around. The convenient blend of urgent care and primary care under the same roof make us an excellent primary provider for you and your family. Our mission is to raise the standard of delivery of healthcare to the residents of Southeast Idaho and we’re accomplishing this by offering more than just a doc-in-the-box experience.