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Neurocognitive Treatment

Doing The Impossible

We are proud to partner with Randy Vawdrey and participate in “A Chance to Enhance,” a neurological protocol developed to identify the root causes of and contributors of Alzheimer’s dementia.  Randy has introduced the Enhance Protocol™ in 4 states and he is helping seniors avoid the ravaging effects of Alzheimer’s Dementia.  The Enhance Protocol™ has been patterned after the ground-breaking work of Dale Bredesen MD, a research neurologist from UCLA.  Dr. Bredesen identified several contributing triggers of Alzheimer’s disease, and when identified and eliminated early in the disease process, the risk and rate of advancement into Alzheimer’s is diminished.

We live in an era of disease prevention. People are reminded to routinely screen for potential health problems so that early intervention can reduce the risk of disease. We have been taught to get preventive screenings like colonoscopies, mammograms, blood sugar and cholesterol checks, bone density scans, prostate exams, etc.  These screening interventions are helpful in detecting and preventing advanced disease.  Amid all these preventive screening tests, when was the last time you screened the health of your brain?  Have you ever wondered if you were staring to have the early signs of Alzheimer’s?  Do you struggle to remember names and faces, recall dates and appointments, or are daily tasks seemingly more difficult?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a candidate for additional neurological screening with the Enhance Protocol™.

Skilled clinicians use Dr. Bredesen’s platform to systematically identify and treat many of the conditions that can lead to neurological degeneration.  If you have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or if you or a loved one is struggling with memory, or struggling with language or to find words, or you experience brain fog on a daily basis – we strongly encourage you to schedule a time with a health care provider at Physicians Primary Care to discuss your concerns.

Contributors of dementia can be genetic, inflammatory, related to insulin resistance or diabetes, hormonal, toxic or related to head injury or circulatory problems.  The Enhance Protocol™ allows your health care provides to skillfully identify your risk factors so that treatment can be individually tailored.  A personalized care plan will be provided after series consultations and lab tests are completed. After the initial diagnoses appointments are completed, the Enhance Protocol™ identifies hormonal, supplemental, and pharmaceutical treatments that can be combined with lifestyle interventions to reduce your risk of dementia.

Watch what patients who’ve started or completed the Enhance Protocol have to say!

Patient Testimonies