Blood and Lab Services

Physician Care Clinics lead in professional blood and lab services being completed with minimal wait times.

Quality Of Care

Our locations offer on-site, full-service laboratories that work around the clock to complete your diagnoses.


We can control the exposure, settings, image brightness and size in real time. Making the imaging process a lot quicker.


The clarity and detail of our digital images will surpass any traditional film X-ray.


We can share our images with you instantaneously or send a digital copy of your X-ray to another institution or specialist

Pocatello Immediate Care Fax

(208) 478-1515

Pocatello Optimal Health Fax

(208) 232-5445

Chubbuck Immediate Care Fax

(208) 237-3450

Chubbuck Optimal Health Fax

(208) 242-3219

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